One Black Shoe Productions

August 7, 2015​.   Released my new song Daylight.

July 25, 2015.  Hosted the 2nd Annual Summer BBQ and Hootenanny at the Historic Ascension Parish.  Ernest Whaley, Margaret Branch and Carl Solomon joined the Hootenanny Band.  Over 80 attended the sing along.  One neighbor told me after the show, "I had tears in my eyes!  All the songs we sang reminded me of the campfire songs I sang at my aunts summer camp when I was a little girl."  That's what we were hoping for.  Our audience was great!  

June 25  Released two more songs. Open Road and Stay on the List.  Full playlist for the Darkness to Light EP in music.  Check it out here or go to my Facebook page and like it!  I am preparing for the 2nd Annual BBQ and Hootenanny at Ascension Episcopal Parish on July 25.

June 10!  I have had a great week.  Released One Black Shoe.  Check it out here or go to my Facebook page and like it!  Have also been preparing my guitar students for the Fifth Grade promotion at James John Elementary School.  I'll post pictures soon.  I have some on Facebook! 

June 10!  One Black Shoe recorded and released. "One Black Shoe" is the title song to my music page, One Black Shoe Productions. Posting the song culminates a milestone in my musical journey--finding things to write about that having meaning to me that may create a spark in you. What images come to mind for you if you see one black shoe on the side of the road? There is often no answer, just images that come to mind and sometimes the answer might surprise you. Thanks to Paul Kwitek, Roderick Ewald, Carl Solomon, Dan Weber, Dan Dover, and Matt Meighan for your inspiration and support. Recorded at Rod's studio. Rod is on electric guitar. Paul Kwitek is on bass!