In the last year, I began a new songwriter series at my church.  We have a wonderful performance space at the historic Ascension Chapel Episcopal Parish.  In 2015, we hosted numerous local and touring artists at our Open Door Songwriter Series.  Check us out on Facebook.  Links to my Facebook pages are in the Contact tab.

I'm passionate about helping young guitar students gain proficiency by playing in groups.


Performing, composing, promoting, hosting, arranging, recording, producing, loving.       

I was born in Houston, Texas.  I spent all of me young life living on Air Force bases until I was in High School.  I stayed in Omaha, Nebraska through all of my teenage years and graduated from Bellevue Senior High.  After graduating from college in Texas, I started my adult life in Claremont, California and have stayed on the west coast of the United States ever since.


I bought my first real guitar after I graduated from Claremont Graduate School.  I took my first paycheck and spent it on an instrument.  I retired from my professional career in energy and utilities in 2010.  I like to say I finally gave up my "day job" and spend my time sharing music with my friends and family.


More to come...if you have an endorsement that I can quote, please share.


I'd like to share with you my Love of Folk Music.

About Me

All my life I have played rock and folk music.  The first song I learned on the guitar was "Hey There Little Red Riding Hood" by Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs...I played in church folk groups, lead music at youth ministry workshops, played in a rock and roll band for a good part of 40's and have served my community through music since I retired from my professional career.  

One Black Shoe Productions


I am so lucky to share my guitar and songs with kids


For the past four years I have volunteered at Portland After School Tennis and Education.  I teach beginning and intermediate guitar  and host an after school sing-along Music Club every week during the school year. Over the years, guitar students have achieved a level of proficiency that allows them to lead and accompany songs in each week's song circle at Music Club.  Some have even started writing their own songs.