One Black Shoe
My Cinderella story and the namesake for this page...Check it out!

The Open Road
A song about memory andconversations with myself...soon to be published

Bright Side
One of my first songs...It's my perspective on life and attitude.  Enjoy!

Latest Songs

I couldn't be more pleased that you've found my personal website!


This is my official website, created for all of my friends to check out my musical adventures and projects.  As of now this is not a commercial activity.  I am using this page to promote my friends and non-profit activities.  These include the Open Door Songwriter Series at the Historic Ascension Episcopal Parish in Portland, Oregon and my volunteer music club activities and teaching that I do during the school year to support Portland After School Tennis and Education.  And, yes I have been writing songs and playing out at various venues around town so you may see some posts alerting you to upcoming events and well as songs that I feel okay about sharing with the world wide web.  I am so glad you came.  

One Black Shoe Productions Promotion

There is absolutely no reason not to follow my passion to promote my friends and the social causes I support through music.  

if the shoe fits...

      make music

One Black Shoe Productions